Mission Statement:

Bierman Hydro-Geo-Logic as a Professional Corporation (P.C) abides by the State of California, Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, and Geologist, as well as the previous licensing for State of California, Geologist & Geophysicist Act Rules and Regulations, while providing our clients with the highest quality of our professional hydrogeologic consulting services.Our services range from drinking source water protection analysis to domestic water well permitting, drilling, well design, aquifer testing and pumping test analysis of wells “calculated well yield” to design and installation of rain water harvesting systems to regulatory and expert witness consulting.

Our vision is to provide information about the need to conserve, reuse, recharge and understand that water is precious and is the basis of life.

Bierman Hydro-Geo-Logic is based on the principal that we provide “hydro-geo-logic” consulting services, using chemical and physical properties of water “HYDRO”, and soil “GEO” and the “LOGIC” of these properties to accurately determine the subsurface hydrogeologic characteristics for our clients needs for the purpose of groundwater sustainability and resource management.

Profesional Credentials:
Professional Geologist #7490; May 2003 Certified Hydrogeologist #819; June 2005